Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Learn how to utilise the benefits of your AWS cloud with our practical AWS job role training courses and take your career to the next level with recognised certifications.

Digicomp is an Advanced Tier Training Partner of AWS.

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Keep your knowledge up to date with our official AWS training courses and get the most out of your cloud solution.Our practical courses will teach you all the skills you need and you’ll be able to design, provide, operate and secure your infrastructure and applications in the AWS cloud. 

Get to know Digicomp as an authorised Advanced AWS Training Partner

  • 2’500+ people trained on official AWS trainings in German, French & English since 2015
  • Offering courses in our 5 centrally located Digicomp Training Centers (Zurich, Bern, Basel, Lausanne & Geneva), and each course can also be delivered in a hybrid or virtual-only format
  • High quality training with a strong focus on applied skills in a hands-on format with an overall training satisfaction score of 94%
  • We work with a dedicated team of AWS Authorised Instructors (AAI), all of whom are freelance subject matter experts

Become an expert with our AWS Job Role Tracks

Whether you are just starting out or want to expand on your AWS knowledge regarding topics and job roles, Digicomp offers you the guidance to participate in the right courses at the right time to meet your learning objective. Our classes have a real-word-skills focus with lots of interaction, exercises and case studies, our certified trainers ensure that you can apply what you have learned in practice immediately after the course. Thanks to our hybrid-equipped course rooms, you decide yourself whether you want to participate on-campus or online-live. We organize customized AWS company training courses for you in all languages and at any location.

AWS JAM Events

Our goal is to support your learning curve in the best possible way. AWS JAM events offer you an immersive experience through various gamified elements such as collaboration, competition, real-time scoring, and relevant clues in the scenario. Learners will build teams and engage in a friendly competition to reach the top of the leaderboard by solving a series of real-world challenges to elevate your AWS cloud skills. The goal is to transform your theoretical skills which you have acquired during the preceding course with hands-on labs into practical applied knowledge topped with curated and instructor-facilitated challenges, thus doing this in a safe environment.