AWS CloudOps

In this track, we focus on all the skills relevant to CloudOps on AWS, including relevant Architecting and Financial Management skills. We will prepare you to achieve the relevant AWS certifications.
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Additional Information – AWS CloudOps:

Related Certifications: This track prepares you to achieve the following certifications:

AWS JAM offers an immersive experience through various gamified elements such as collaboration, competition, real-time scoring, and relevant clues in the scenario. Learners will build teams and engage in a friendly competition to reach the top of the leaderboard by solving a series of real-world challenges to elevate your AWS cloud skills. The goal is to transform your theoretical skills which you have acquired during the preceding course with hands-on labs into practical applied knowledge topped with curated and instructor-facilitated challenges, thus doing this in a safe environment. We offer 2 courses with AWS JAM in this track:

Alternatively, you can book these courses in a standard 3-day format without the JAM event. If you prefer to do this, you will always have the option to participate in a JAM event at a later date – provided that we have a guaranteed event coming up.

Optional courses related to this role: The following courses may be of interest for this role, but are not part of the mandatory skill set: