Andragogical Mission Statement

Digicomp is invested in learning and teaching. Our aim is to create great learning experiences for lasting successes. Customers and quality are at the heart of our activity.

Our andragogical mission statement forms the basis for all Digicomp's trainers and employees responsible for providing and designing learning contents and designs. Andragogical means that our training courses are designed to meet the needs of adult learners. The mission statement describes the common goal and serves to improve and develop Digicomp's training portfolio.

Our goal is always to prepare companies and employees for the challenges of digital transformation in the best possible way and to support them in developing the necessary skills.

Digicomp is ISO 9001 and eduQua certified.

Our Trainers

All Digicomp trainers are experts in their field. When they are not teaching, they are actively working in their field as employees or consultants. They are therefore familiar with the needs of the market, understand the challenges faced by training participants and have the appropriate methodological and didactic know-how to pass on their knowledge in a way that is appropriate to the target group and thus enables individual learning success.

Our Training Content

The training contents are based on the skills relevant to the target audience. From beginner to advanced and expert level training, we offer a wide range of IT, IT management, leadership and soft skills training.

Our Learning Principles

The training courses follow an action-focused approach. The training is practical and interactive. The content is illustrated and explained with practical examples. This allows the participants to actively transfer what they have learned to their own day-to-day business. Discussing their own examples and experiences helps to consolidate the learning material and transfer learning. Personal responsibility plays a crucial role in the success of the course. From the very beginning, participants are encouraged to take an active role in their learning process: By setting their own learning goals, communicating their personal expectations, participating during the training sessions, applying and testing what they have learned in their daily work, and continuously reflecting on it.

Our Learning Design

The learning design follows the principle of blended learning. Small assignments and reflections, as well as supplemental learning resources, support the learning process outside of class and ensure that each training course is a lasting learning success.