Oracle Databases

Become a database management system expert with our Oracle 12.1 training courses. Discover our comprehensive range of courses for database developers and database administrators now.

Benefit from our network of certified and field-proven Oracle experts and cost-effective training solutions as an independent Oracle training provider.

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The Oracle Database is the leading database management system software that allows both relational and object-relational data to be stored. Learn everything about installation, design, tuning and troubleshooting in our Oracle courses.

Our Oracle course offering

Our Oracle 12.1 courses are tailored to the job role of database developers and database administrators: 

Oracle SQL: Developer: Learn to develop and design Oracle databases, extend the database architecture with current tools such as PL/SQL and create complex SQL queries, triggers and procedures.

Oracle Database: Administrator: Learn to fully master and understand your Oracle database and attend our courses in database tuning, partitioning, performance troubleshooting and SQL.