AWS Discovery Days

Get the big picture of the AWS Cloud with AWS Discovery Days and take the first steps toward a foundational knowledge of concepts that will help you take further role-based learning paths in the AWS Cloud.
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Start your learning journey to the AWS Cloud

AWS Discovery Days are a free opportunity to learn about AWS cloud computing concepts, basic infrastructure services, and the basics of the AWS cloud. If you're new to Amazon Web Services and want to get started in the world of AWS cloud computing, this event is a great place to start. AWS Discovery Days are divided into one general Discovery Day and four topic-specific Discovery Days:

  • AWS Discovery Day - General (AWSDD)
  • AWS Discovery Day - Securing Your AWS Cloud (AWSDDS)
  • AWS Discovery Day - Strategies and Tools to Perform Large-Scale Migrations (AWSDDT)
  • AWS Discovery Day - Fundamentals of a Modern Data Strategy on AWS (AWSDDF)
  • AWS Discovery Day - Machine Learning Basics (AWSDDM)

What topics are covered at AWS Discovery Days?

Topics covered during Discovery Days include:

  • What is the cloud and how does it work?
  • What are the benefits of the AWS Cloud?
  • Key AWS services and common use cases (computing, storage, databases,...).
  • What is the basic global infrastructure of the AWS Cloud?
  • Basic deployment and usage characteristics of the AWS Cloud
  • Shared accountability model
  • Fundamental aspects of AWS security and compliance.
  • Topic-specific focus on machine learning, data, migrations, as well as security