Cybersecurity – Technical Overview («ICTTEC»)

For effective information security, an understanding of the technological foundations of ICT and cyber security is critical. In this two-day intensive course you will acquire the necessary skills.
Duration 2 days
Price 2'200.–   exkl. MWST
Information This course is designed especially for participants of the course «Exam preparation ICT Security Expert with federal diploma».

Course facts

  • Positioning of information security in the company and differentiation from other disciplines (IT security etc.)
  • Knowledge of the connection between value-added processes and IT
  • Understanding of the components of a security architecture and ability to use cryptographic methods appropriately
  • Knowledge of the basics of computer networks and network security 
  • Understanding of technical and operational security, physical security measures and information security, technical security testing and security of software and in software development
  • Differentiation between information security, ICT security, cyber security; IT security and OT security, safety & security
  • Life cycle of data
  • Technology levels - abstraction levels between business process and IT / technology
  • Security architectures - security models
  • Computer systems - client/server; processor architectures
  • Cryptography
  • Network fundamentals: the OSI model from the physical layer to the application layer
  • Network security
  • Physical security
  • Identity and access management (IAM)
  • Security assessment and testing
  • Software development security

Component of the following courses

This course is designed for Information Security Officers on their way to CISO, Chief Information Security Officer in small and medium sized companies and CxO functions with an interest or need for information security. We recommend practical and professional experience in IT security (especially as Security Officer/Information Security Officer) This course prepares you for the certification as ICT Security Expert with federal diploma.



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