Information Security Fundamentals («P1S»)

Based on a proven guide, you will receive practical implementation aids. This is the first and initial course on the way to becoming a «Security Professional» with the possibility to achieve the «CompTIA Security+ Professional».
Duration 1 day
Price 950.–
Course documents Digicomp course material
Price advantage Benefit from an exclusive price advantage of over CHF 400, when booking the course series for «IT Security Officer – Security Professional» (ITSECU).

Course facts

  • Knowing the basic terminology and concepts of information security.
  • Knowing a practical approach to analyze and implement information security in your own environment.
  1. Practical use of the course material
    • Presentation of the practical implementation concept
  2. The basics of information security
    • Security goals according to the CIA triangle
    • What is the PDCA process
    • What is an Information Security Management System (ISMS)
  3. Basics of the information security strategy
    • Creation of a security policy
    • Establishment of a security organization
    • Implementation of a security concept according to IT baseline protection
  4. Basics of the Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP)
    • Which important sources and documents exist
    • What has to be observed in your own company regarding FADP
  5. Basis of the threat analysis
    • Importance of regular information gathering with concrete sources
    • Classification of situation reports for the own situation
    • Overview of vulnerabilities in information systems (danger traffic light)
  6. Basis of risk management
    • Sense and purpose of an orderly risk management in one's own company
    • Legal requirements and ICS
  7. Basis for risk analysis
    • Meaning of quantitative and qualitative risk analysis
    • Own application areas of risk analysis
  8. Simple protection requirement determination in practice
    • Introduction and practical use of the first cut analysis
    • Practical implementation of a first cut analysis with procedural tips
  9. Brief overview of security measures

This hands-on course is designed to provide administrators, IT professionals, project managers and IT managers with the necessary tools to understand information security concerns holistically. In addition, the information security required by IT security managers can be better integrated into IT projects.

Good basic knowledge of computer science and interest in the subject matter

Price advantage
Benefit from an exclusive price advantage of over CHF 400.- when booking the «IT Security Officer – Security Professional» (ITSECU) course series.



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