Excel – Macros & Fonctions («EMK»)

This course teaches you how to register macros and the basics of Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) language, and to start them with buttons for example. Creating templates will allow the sharing of macros with other users.
Duration 1 day
Price 650.–

Course facts

  • Save command sequences as macros
  • Understand VBA code
  • Complete and optimize existing VBA code
  • Create custom functions in function's assistants
  1. Record a macro
    • Start the macro recorder
    • Set the macro's name and key combination
    • Macro recording areas
    • Start, execute and exit the recording
  2. Start macros with symbols, menus, or buttons
    • Types of macros and appropriate startup possibilities
    • Start macros with buttons
    • Start macros with symbols
  3. Macros in a workbook
    • Insert macros
    • Start recorded macros
    • Delete old macros
  4. Understand and customize VBA code
    • Basic elements of the VBA code
    • Essential elements and structures of the program
    • Customizing lines of code
    • Replace hard-coded values with dynamic references
    • Delete superfluous lines
  5. Complete VBA code
    • Add new program lines
    • Simple dialogs with MsgBox() and Inputbox()
    • Simple conditions in the course of the program (If ... End lf)
    • Loops (Do ... Loop)
  6. Macros in templates and automatic macros
    • Custom templates
    • Models for a working group
    • Automatic macros
  7. Custom functions
    • Principles of custom functions
    • Create custom functions
    • Registration area for custom functions
    • Custom functions in function's assistants

This course is aimed at users who want to record macros, understand what VBA is and create custom functions in Excel in a professional way.

Extensive practical experience on Excel is essential. To have knowledge according to the courses:

This course also covers custom functions of Excel to allow you to integrate them in the function's assistants at the end of the course.



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