Training course

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) 2019 Expert («OL2019»)

In this training you will acquire the necessary knowledge to achieve the internationally recognized certification as a «Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) 2019 Expert».
Duration 11 days
Price 5'190.–   exkl. MWST

Course facts

  • Understandig the features of Office 2019
  • Using the tools of Office 2019
  • Answering questions regarding Microsoft Office competently
  • Ideal exam preparation based on learning reviews and special exam workshops

In most professions today, you can no longer do without Microsoft Office skills. The importance of efficient handling of Microsoft Office products is constantly increasing, as these applications are not only used as office software, but also as an important communication medium. In a globalized world, Microsoft Office applications do adapt to market demand. A decisive criterion in the selection of candidates for vacant positions is proof of excellent knowledge in all Microsoft Office applications. With this training you will receive the necessary input to pass the Microsoft Office Specialist exams.

The Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) 2019 Expert training consists of four modules. The content of each module is listed below:

Microsoft Office Word

  1. Manage document options and settings
    • Manage documents and templates
    • Preparing documents for review
    • Manage document changes
  2. Designing advanced documents
    • Perform advanced editing and formatting
    • Creating style sheets
  3. Create extended links
    • Creating and managing indexes
    • Create and manage links
    • Managing Forms, Fields, and Mail Merge Transactions
  4. Create custom Word elements
    • Creating and modifying building blocks, macros, and controls
    • Creating custom stylesets and templates
    • Preparation of a document for internationalization and for entry helpers

Microsoft Office Outlook

  1. Manage the Outlook environment for productivity
    • Adjusting the settings
    • Print and save information
    • Performing searches in Outlook
  2. Manage messages
    • Configuring email settings
    • Creating messages
    • Formatting a message
    • Organize and manage messages
  3. Manage schedules
    • Create and manage calendars
    • Creation of appointments, meetings and events
    • Organizing and managing appointments, meetings and events
    • Create and manage notes and tasks
  4. Manage contacts and groups
    • Create and manage contacts
    • Create and manage contact groups


Microsoft Office Excel

  1. Manage workbook options and settings
    • Managing workbooks
    • Managing the Revision of a Workbook
  2. Apply custom data formats and layouts
    • Apply user-defined data formats and validation
    • Applying Advanced Conditional Formatting and Filtering
    • Create and modify custom workbook items
    • Preparing a workbook for internationalization
  3. Create advanced formulas
    • Applying functions in formulas
    • Looking up data with functions
    • Apply advanced date and time functions
    • Performing data analysis and business intelligence
    • Removing formula errors
    • Defining Named Areas and Objects
  4. Create advanced charts and tables
    • Creating advanced diagrams
    • Creating and managing PivotTables
    • Creating and managing PivotCharts

Microsoft Office PowerPoint

  1. Create and manage presentations
    • Creating a presentation
    • Inserting and formatting slides
    • Change slides, flyers, and notes
    • Sorting and grouping slides
    • Changing presentation options and views
    • Configuring a Presentation for Printing
    • Configuring and presenting a screen presentation
  2. Inserting and formatting text, shapes and images
    • Inserting and formatting text
    • Inserting and formatting shapes and text fields
    • Inserting and formatting images
    • Sorting and grouping objects
  3. Inserting tables, charts, SmartArt and media
    • Inserting and Formatting Tables
    • Inserting and formatting diagrams
    • Inserting and Formatting SmartArt Graphics
    • Insert and manage media
  4. Apply transitions and animations
    • Apply slide transitions
    • Animate slide content
    • Setting the display duration for transitions and animations
  5. Manage multiple presentations
    • Merge content from multiple presentations
    • Closing presentations

      The modules can also be booked individually. With the links below you can take a closer look at the individual modules.

      With the exam preparation workshops you can prepare yourself efficiently and comprehensively for the upcoming exams. The exams are taken at the end of the respective examination workshop (if prepared).

      Eleven days, combined as evening and Saturday lessons. The extra-occupational course also requires learning outside the classroom; therefore requires a lot of time. This varies according to previous knowledge, but usually makes up three to eight hours per week. Certified specialists with practical experience in Microsoft Office meet high educational requirements.

      This training course is aimed at people who are already working with Office 2019/365 and would like to deepen and professionalize their basic knowledge.

      Experience with the Office applications, especially good knowledge and practical experience in Word or Excel in the versions 2016 or 2019. Successful completion of the Digicomp assessment test.

      The certification to become a «Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) 2019 Expert» is structured as follows:

      Vom Benutzer hinzugefügtes Bild

      After successfully completing the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Associate Level, only two Expert exams need to be passed to obtain the "Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) 2019 Expert" certificate. This certificate corresponds to the former «Microsoft Office Specialist 2016 Master» certificate.

      We would like to propose the following recommendation to conduct the exams:

      • Microsoft Office Specialist PowerPoint 2019 Associate (MO-300)
      • Microsoft Office Specialist Outlook 2019 Associate (MO-400)
      • Microsoft Office Specialist Excel 2019 Associate (MO-200)
      • Microsoft Office Specialist Word 2019 Expert (MO-101)
      • Microsoft Office Specialist Excel 2019 Expert (MO-201)

      An exam costs CHF 120.00 plus 7.7% VAT and is NOT included in the course price.

      Download the course brochure as a PDF file with all further information:



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