Microsoft PowerPoint fundamentals («MP1»)

Get to know the basics of PowerPoint in this two-day seminar to create impressive and professional presentations.
Duration 2 days
Price 1'140.–
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Course facts

  • Effectively using PowerPoint 2016

The correct use of Microsoft PowerPoint needs to be learned so that your presentation reaches the audience professionally. In this course, you will learn about the most important elements of PowerPoint 2016 and get lots of tips and tricks for easier implementation

  1. The workspace of PowerPoint
    • Elements of the workspace
    • Views
  2. Manage presentations
    • Create a new presentation
    • Save a presentation
  3. Design slides
    • Slide layouts
    • Text entry
    • Forms
    • Charts
  4. Visualize information
  5. Graphic elements
    • ClipArt
    • Graphics
    • Photo album
    • WordArt
    • SmartArt Graphics
  6. Diagrams
    • Create simple diagrams
    • Chart types
    • Data entry
    • Edit diagram
  7. Apply designs
    • Design Templates (Designs)
    • Design colours
  8. Animations
    • Slide transitions
  9. Data exchange
    • From PowerPoint to PowerPoint
    • From PowerPoint to Word
    • From Excel to PowerPoint
    • Save object as graphic
  10. Spelling
    • Setting the language
    • Check and correct texts
    • AutoCorrect
  11. Print
    • Page setup
    • Header and footer
    • Print presentation (slides, handouts)
  12. Custom presentation (planning for a target audience)
  13. Set up, start and control the slide show

This course is aimed at users who want to get to know PowerPoint from scratch or have already worked a bit with it and now want to deepen their knowledge.

The skilled handling of mouse and keyboard as well as basic knowledge of the computer is required.

This course is also suitable for PowerPoint 2013 users.



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