Efficient calculations and visualizations with Microsoft Excel («ME2»)

In this two days course you will learn how to use the most important functions of Excel and the possibilities of data visualization.
Duration 2 days
Price 1'140.–
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Course facts

  • Creating your own tables with different calculations in an efficient way
  • Understanding percentage, date and look-up functions in Excel
  • Visualising data using charts, sparklines and conditional formatting
  • Consolidating multiple worksheets or workbooks

In two days you will acquire a comprehensive knowledge of the possibilities of Excel and learn how to use it efficiently. Using practical examples, you will learn how to use simple to nested functions to evaluate your data. You will also learn the basics of consolidation and the possibilities of data visualization.

  1. Introduction and repetition
  2. Cell references
    • Relative, absolute, and mixed references
  3. Using functions
    • Creating functions
    • Auto completion of functions
  4. Round results
  5. The IF function
    • Structure of the function
    • Nested IF functions
  6. The functions AND and OR
  7. Using names
    • Definition, edit, delete and use
  8. Consolidate tables 
  9. Date functions and time calculations
  10. Lookup functions
  11. Charts
    • Chart types columns, lines, bar, pie, and radar
    • Customize charts
    • Print charts
  12. Data visualization with sparklines
  13. Conditional formatting
    • Predefined rules
    • Rules with functions

Component of the following courses

This course is aimed at users who already have experience with Excel and want to expand their knowledge in a practical way.

Attention: This course is not suitable for beginners. Basic knowledge of Excel similar to the following course is required:

This course is suitable for users of Excel 2019, 2016 and 2013.



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