Adobe Premiere Pro CC – Advanced («AP6ADV»)

In this course, you'll learn how to edit more efficiently with Adobe Premiere Pro, post-process videos professionally, and get the most out of the software with new techniques.
Duration 2 days
Price 1'800.–   exkl. MWST
Course documents Digital courseware

Course facts

  • Optimal use of Premiere Pro 
  • Customizing Premiere Pro to meet your needs
  • Understanding typical processes: from sound mixing to motion graphics workflow
  • Understanding the interfaces from Premiere Pro to additional tools such as Media Encoder, Audition, and After Effects
  • Trying out the individual steps within post-production under supervision
  • Asking specific questions to help you implement procedures you already know in Premiere Pro

We'll put the finishing touches on your video clip with the following course content:

  1. System and workflow optimization
    • Setting up media and metadata management for maximum system performance 
    • Optimal recording formats for use in Premiere Pro
    • Customizing keyboard shortcuts with the visual shortcut editor 
    • Customizing panels and program settings
    • Setting up projects and sequences
    • Open and edit multiple projects in parallel
    • Collaborating in a team (even remotely)
    • Using the Project Manager for archiving
    • Newly added functions for effective work
  2. Import and transcoding
    • Use the Adobe Media Encoder for importing
    • Importing and transcoding video footage
    • Using layer file import from Photoshop and Illustrator
    • Proxy workflow to optimize system resources
    • Interpreting footage and adjusting source audio channels 
    • Unlink and relink media files
  3. Trimming and advanced editing functions
    • Using source assignment and destination guidance in editing
    • Options in the Sequences panel
    • Advanced trim tools and key editing keyboard shortcuts
    • Advanced editing functions
    • Using markers
    • Nested sequences
    • Multicamera editing
    • Scene detection for editing pre-cut clips
  4. Audio editing
    • Editing audio clips and repairing with the Essential Sound panel
    • Using audio clip and audio track mixers
    • Audio routing and mixing
    • Advanced effects and effect presets
    • Creating automatic audio mixes
    • Advanced effects capabilities in Audition (remix, noise masking, etc.)
    • Using the remix function in music editing
  5. Image editing
    • Master clip effects and adjustment layers
    • Overview of effect options (morph cut, stabilization, keying, etc.)
    • Copying, pasting and removing attributes
    • Creating your own effect presets
    • Technical and creative grading with Lumetri Panel and Lumetri Scopes
    • Use and tracking of masks
    • Motion effects and speed ramp effects
    • Animation effects
    • Essential Graphics panel and motion graphics templates
    • Creation of motion graphics templates including responsive design
    • Roundtrip with After Effects (creation of motion graphics templates in After Effects)
    • Creation of subtitles incl. use of automatic transcription
  6. Use of Adobe Stock and Adobe Fonts
    • Export
    • Auto-Reframe for automatic AI-based conversion of the video into different formats (portrait, square)
    • Export formats and codecs
    • Media export settings for different formats
    • Best practices for web export
    • Using media encoders for batch processing
    • Customizing, saving and using the export presets
  • Informative, exemplary and practice-oriented teaching sequence
  • An additional learning effort of two to four hours per week is to be expected

This advanced course is aimed at video editors, producers, video journalists, media designers and cameramen who already have a profound knowledge of editing and Premiere Pro and wish to deepen their knowledge and act successfully as professionals in the field.

You have good PC user skills (PC or Mac). Video editing skills or participation in the following course are recommended:

Info about the room equipment
Our courses take place on Windows or Apple devices. On request, we will be happy to provide you with an Apple computer in Zurich and Bern. Please let us know in advance by sending an e-mail to You can also bring your own laptop.

Adobe CC Software
The Adobe Creative Cloud Software will be fully available in the classrooms during the course. However, it is not possible to use the software via Digicomp licenses from home during the course.



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