Adobe Photoshop CC – Advanced («PHOTM2»)

In this advanced course you will expand your existing Photoshop knowledge and increase your efficiency in handling photos and graphics for printed or digital media.
Duration 2 days
Price 1'400.–
Course documents Digital courseware
Courseware note As a visitor of the first basic module, please bring your e-book with you to this module.

Course facts

  • Deepen understanding of Photoshop functions
  • Learn to work non-destructively
  • Confidently creating purposeful selections
  • Create complex image compositions
  1. Optimal color management
    • Get to know color models
    • Media-neutral color management
    • Working with color profiles
    • Synchronizing in Bridge
  2. Advanced selection techniques
    • Use path tool
    • Convert clipping paths to selections
    • Use for clipping paths
    • Hair masking  
  3. Advanced image editing
    • Editing images non-destructively
    • Working with gradation curves
    • Analyzing and understanding histograms
    • Rescuing images
    • Creating shadows
  4. Advanced image composing
    • Improve layer masks
    • Partial image editing with masks
    • Creating mockups
    • Creating and using smart objects
    • Using text teffects
  5. Advanced image retouching
    • Realistic, more complex image retouching
    • Beauty retouching
    • Content based filling of image areas
    • Content based moving
  6. Correct camera faults
    • Detecting and correcting lens errors
    • Perspective corrections
    • Create panorama
  7. Output
    • Data compression
    • Collaboration with layout files (InDesign)
    • Transfer of vector files (Illustrator)
    • Output images for the screen
  • Frontal teaching
  • Informative, exemplary and practice-oriented teaching sequence
  • Hands-on and imitation exercises

This advanced course is aimed at graphic designers, marketing experts, social media managers and interested people with profound Photoshop knowledge from a wide range of fields and branches who want to deepen their knowledge and act successfully as professionals in this field.

You have good PC user skills (PC or Mac). Photoshop skills or participation in the following course are recommended:

Info about the room equipment
Our courses take place on Windows or Apple devices. On request, we will be happy to provide you with an Apple computer in Zurich and Bern. Please let us know in advance by sending an e-mail to You can also bring your own laptop.

For virtual participation, we recommend the use of an additional monitor (not just a laptop) so that you can fully follow and participate in the lesson.

Adobe CC Software
The Adobe Creative Cloud Software will be fully available in the classrooms during the course. However, it is not possible to use the software via Digicomp licenses from home during the course.



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