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Social Media Community Manager («SMCM»)

Would you like to use your Social Media Platforms professionally and in a target group-oriented way in order to keep your community alive and make the personality of your company tangible? Then attend our intensive and informative course.
Duration 10 days
Price 5'600.–

Course facts

  • Target group-oriented use of the relevant Social Media platforms
  • Successful development and support of an active Online Community
  • Professional corporate communication
  • Creation of a real example on the basis of the learning material taught

How are appearances on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Co. maintained? Which content is placed on which platform? How are followers gained, activated and bound for the long term? Where do you meet your target group and how can you manage the use of Social Media instruments?

Participants learn how to conduct corporate communications on the Social Web professionally and are able to maintain and enhance contact with customers, fans and followers. They learn to keep their community alive with relevance and added value, to bring the personalities of a company to life and how to deal constructively with difficult users.

The content is taught to the participants using a real-life example. The individual modules are explained using this example and the participants are given the opportunity to implement their insights directly. This is a major advantage compared to other social media courses and enables efficient and effective learning.

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Consists of the following modules

  • #smcm – Community Management – Introduction
  • #smcm – Social-Media-Strategy
  • #smcm – Social Content
  • #smcm – Content Production & Management Tools
  • #smcm - Editorial planning
  • #smcm – Discussion case study
  • #smcm – Hands-on Twitter
  • #smcm – Hands-on Visual Networks
  • #smcm – Corporate Blogging
  • #smcm – Hands-on Video
  • #smcm – Hands-on Business Networking
  • #smcm – Hands-on Monitoring & SEO
  • #smcm - Hands-On Social Media & Law
  • #smcm – Facebook for Business
  • #smcm – Instagram for Business
  • #smcm – Technical set up for Facebook Marketing
  • #smcm – Introduction to Facebook Marketing
  • #smcm – Paid Social Media
  • #smcm – Crisis and Issue Management
  • #smcm – Completion and project presentation

20 modules of 3 hours

The participants' questions will be included in the lessons as far as possible so that they receive the information relevant to their company or employer. Participants bring their own laptops to class.

Classes take place from 6 to 9.15 pm in groups of a maximum of 16 people. The course will take place at the premises of Digicomp Academy AG, Limmatstrasse 50, 8005 Zurich. 


The modules in detail: 

Community Management: Introduction

Additionally to a general introduction to the course, the first module already contains practical inputs on moderating a community and know-how: How do you write on Facebook and Twitter? How much colloquial language is allowed? Which approval processes make sense? What do the fans of a company expect? Which topics are well received by fans and followers? Texts for Social Media are developed on the basis of case studies; existing material is edited. Tasks for the project work of the course are also explained.

Expert: Barbara Schwede

Social Media Strategy

More posts, more likes, more range. But what is the point? Successful social media work needs a strategy. What is our goal and how do we measure success? Who is our target group and how do we offer relevant content? In this workshop you will learn to take a strategic look at the opportunities offered by social media and develop a strategy suitable for everyday use on the basis of your practical examples. Not for a drawer, but one that can be put into practice as quickly as possible.

Expert: Martin Oswald

Social Content

The most important steps of Social Media content planning and implementation. The speakers will demonstrate a process model developed in practice for the development of a content strategy. The participants learn how to classify content and align it with objectives. Topics such as resource planning will be discussed as well as editorial planning.

Expert: Su Franke

Content Production & Management Tools

In this module you will learn about management tools that are suitable for the production of content. Live demos are also part of the module. You will learn how to produce up-to-date, convincing and entertaining content within the framework of efficient processes. The use of this content for community management and its evaluation in the context of monitoring will also be discussed.

Expert: Christoph Hess

Editorial Planning

In order to draw up a promising editorial plan, we must first define the goals of our social media appearances. If you want to reposition your brand, you have to act differently than if you want to sell it. The next step is to align the content with the values of the target group. But also the practical tips & tricks are not neglected in this module: How do you set up a meaningful editorial planning? What time periods does it cover? How do you deal with multilingualism? What are the basic conditions for competitions and how can they be implemented most cleverly? Barbara Schwede also presents her three dialogue secrets and uses many examples to present various strategic options.

Expert: Barbara Schwede

Discussion case study

In this module, the participants present the current status of their planning for the case study (topic, platforms, target, target group(s), content cluster, content examples).

Expert: Barbara Schwede

Hands-on Twitter

Participants learn everything they need to know about Twitter practice: getting to the heart of dialogues with 140 characters, composing the information for the perfect tweet, the ideal time to set off a tweet. Further topics: How do I draw attention to myself? How do I win followers? Who should I follow? Further tools for the maintenance of Twitter profiles will be included.

Expert: Barbara Schwede

Hands-on Visual Networks 

The Visual Social Networks module is about the importance and variations of visual content. The focus will be on Instagram in this module. On the basis of concrete examples, the participants will learn which goals can be achieved, what to look for in community management, how communities can be built and how the contents can be integrated into other platforms. In a second part, the focus will be on short-lived 24h content and story formats. How can 24-hour content be meaningfully integrated into corporate communications and what tips and tricks help with implementation?

Expert: Metin Senler

Corporate Blogging

You will receive an introduction to the platform and create a read action planning (workshop). You will get to know the integration into the marketing and communication strategy and get the first insight into the use and possibilities of Wordpress. In addition, you will receive important information and strategies for SEO optimization and learn blogger relation measures.

Expert: Indra-Sara Wüthrich

Hands-on Video

This module is about the power of video and how you can use it effectively. You will learn the most important basics for filming with your smartphone. Which tools are available for a professional video production? What makes a beautiful picture? And how do you position yourself or an interview partner skilfully in front of the lens? 

Expert: Anja Hürlimann

Hands-on Business Networking

The Business Networking module offers participants a comprehensive insight into the topics of personal branding, employer branding, recruiting, sales and advertising (native ads) on the LinkedIn business platform. Practical exercises will give them the opportunity to get their hands on and optimize their presence.

Expert: Roger Basler

Hands-on Monitoring & SEO

Intelligent monitoring tools and Social Media Management Strategies open up completely new ways into people's hearts through better dialogue with strategic target groups. Digital strategy leadership with well-founded customer journey and life cycle data requires professional monitoring and management of data. From eCommerce and mobile marketing to customer relations, advertising & sales and conversion optimization to product development and business planning, groundbreaking monitoring strategies of increasingly data-driven organizations are emerging: The «Big Data Storm» is turning the IT and marketing world upside down and gradually inventing it new. In this context, participants benefit from an overview of proven Social Media Management and monitoring strategies with «Best Practice» tips for an optimal social graph based on the example of international brands.

Expert: Roger Basler

Hands-on Social Media & Law

In order to use Social Media in a legally secure manner, companies must take into account both the applicable legal principles and the general terms and conditions of the platform operators. Topics such as content rights, data protection, advertising law, trademark law, protection against damage to reputation and labor law are important and keeping track of them can be a challenge. The module provides an overview of the legal requirements for corporate communication in social media and uses practical examples to highlight company- or industry-specific pitfalls and stumbling blocks. The aim is to enable the participants to recognize potential problem areas more quickly and to develop strategies for dealing with possible infringements.

Expert: Claudia Keller

Facebook for Business

In this module, participants will learn how to use Facebook as a marketing platform. The basics of each Facebook page as well as Facebook groups will be looked at, how to set them up and how to use them for the business.

Expert: Indra-Sara Wüthrich

Instagram for Business

In this module, participants will learn how to use Instagram as a marketing platform. They will look at the basics of an Instagram business profile, how to set it up and how to use it for their business.

Expert: Indra-Sara Wüthrich

Technical Set Up for Facebook Marketing

In this module, the technical basis for the implementation in the module "Introduction to Facebook Marketing" will be set. It will be ensured for each participant individually that the necessary accesses to the Business Suite, Business Manager and Ads Manager exist. The participants should learn how to find their way around within these accounts. This module will also cover the topic of tracking through the Facebook pixel and the technical implementation.

Expert: Sophie Brettschneider

Introduction to Facebook Marketing

Participants will learn about the advertising options on Facebook. The topics explained in this module include placing ads via Ads Manager and boosting posts. In addition, best practices for particularly promising campaigns will be looked at.

Expert: Sophie Brettschneider

Paid Social Media

This module will help you build a foundation for successful Social Media campaigns. You will understand the possibilities and how you can best use the different ad platforms to control and optimize your campaigns.

Expert: Rubin Pfeifer

Crisis and Issue Management

3000 user posts in one hour – when negative campaigns against companies start, Community Managers quickly come under pressure. In this module, the participants learn how to react to a shitstorm, how to best organize themselves and how to communicate intelligently. The focus is also on the technical possibilities that are available to you in the worst case. The aim is to relieve both the Facebook pinboard and the Twitter professional of negative comments. The module analyses shitstorm examples and discusses alternative courses of action.

Expert: Barbara Schwede

Completion and Project Presentation

The participants present their project within 10 minutes and present the finished selection of platforms. The course instructor and the other participants give feedback on the current status and inputs for the following weeks, during which active community management will take place.

Expert: Barbara Schwede

This course is aimed at people who want to use Social Media platforms professionally and in a target group-oriented way.

The prerequisite for participation in the course is an active Social Media presence or attendance of the following course:

Participants receive the «Digicomp Social Media Community Manager» certificate. Prerequisites for receiving the certificate are 80% attendance, Social Media activities (twittering, blogging, etc.) and the creation of a final paper in the form of a personal case study on building a social media presence. The deadline for submission of the final paper is 30 days from the last module and the length of the final paper should be 4-8 pages of text (A4). Participants who do not meet the certificate requirements will receive a confirmation of participation.

Please bring your own laptop with you to class
You will be given further information on how to prepare for the course when you register for the course.

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