Social Media Starter Kit for Business («SMSKIT»)

This course is the perfect introduction to explore the basics of social media platforms and learn how to improve your company's social media presence.
Duration 3 days
Price 1'800.–
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Course facts

  • Overview of the possibilities of social media in the corporate context
  • Knowledge of the basic functions for the use of social media in the corporate context
  • Assessment of the individual channels with regard to which corporate communication goals can be achieved with them and for which content they are suitable
  • Develop a social media strategy that integrates with, supports and extends your company's marketing and communications strategy
  • Understanding how to plan and implement a social media strategy 
  • Appear as a competent interlocutor when working with external partners and consultants
  • Knowing the basic rules for fluent and understandable writing
  • Writing crisp and meaningful texts for social media
  • Writing core messages on channels such as Facebook, Twitter or for blogs
  • Knowing the target group and addressing them with professional texts

This course package gives you a first insight into social media strategies for companies. You will learn how to effectively use social media platforms for your business and how and in what form you can communicate. You will also discover the benefits of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, blogs or YouTube for private and professional needs. Furthermore, you will learn how to evaluate social media concepts and become familiar with the mechanisms and the dialogue in social media. On top of that, you will gain knowledge on how to write wisely and successfully for social media. You will receive intensive training in reducing texts to the core message and actively involving users in the dialog, regardless of whether it is on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter or on blogs, newsletters and ads. 

Basics for social media platforms in companies

  • The essence of social media communication for companies
  • Examples of successful corporate presences
    • Learn about differences and basic functions
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Youtube/Instagram/Pinterest/Snapchat
    • Xing/LinkedIn
  • Conclusion: Presentation of the different presences

Social Media in Marketing & Communication

  • Introduction and basics
    • Current media landscape
    • Facts and figures
    • Opportunities and risks for companies
    • Fields of application (PR, marketing, market research, HR, sales and customer service)
    • SME or Group? B2B or B2C? Are there any differences?
  • Platforms and their benefits for marketing and communication
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Corporate Blog
    • Other platforms like Google+, YouTube, Flickr, Pinterest etc.
  • Strategy 2.0
    • Tasks of the «Social Media Manager»
    • Initial situation (social media in corporate and marketing communications)
    • Goals and target groups
    • Selection of channels (which platform is suitable for which purpose)
    • Budget / resource / scheduling
    • Performance review

Writing skills for Social Media

  • Do's & Don'ts for texts on the Social Web
  • Basic rules for fluent, understandable wording
  • Dramaturgy: How to captivate my readership – from the first to the last line
  • Shortening, filing and experimenting with your own texts
  • Target group oriented texts

Classes are held in groups of maximum 16 people. Please bring your own laptop to class.

This course is aimed at social media representatives, managers and practitioners who want to introduce, expand and better organize social media in their company as well as at people who have had little contact with social media for companies so far and want to get a first overview. By attending this course you are well prepared for the follow-up course «Social Media Community Manager».

You have a Facebook account and have some experience with blogs, Twitter or YouTube. Furthermore, you have attended the following course or have already acquired equivalent knowledge:

Please bring your own laptop. 
You can use it to save what you have been shown and learned directly on your environment and use it immediately for your daily work in the company. If you do not have a laptop, we can provide you with a computer. Please contact after course registration.

Use the Diagnostic Tool of the Digital Marketing Institute to assess your knowledge of digital marketing. 



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