Social Media Marketing Starter Kit («SOMEKI»)

This course is the perfect introduction to learn the basics of social media platforms and how to improve your company's social media presence.
Duration 3 days
Price 1'800.–
Course documents Digital courseware

Course facts

  • Social Media Basics for Businesses
  • Social media platforms and their benefits for marketing and communication
  • Social media marketing goals, audiences and strategy
  • Writing effectively for social media marketing

You will gain a first insight into social media marketing and practical know-how on how to use social media platforms effectively for your business.

You will learn how to evaluate social media concepts and become familiar with the mechanisms and dialogues in social media.

You will also learn how to write effectively for social media. You will receive intensive training on how to reduce text to the core message and actively engage users in dialogue.

Consists of the following modules

The course is designed to be interactive to ensure effective knowledge transfer and practical application. In addition to theoretical concepts, there will be numerous hands-on exercises to give participants the opportunity to directly apply what they have learned.

There is a strong emphasis on discussion, sharing of experiences and collaborative problem solving to create an interactive learning environment.

This course is aimed at people who have had little contact with social media as a marketing tool and want to get an initial overview. It is also designed for people in organizations that have been passive about social media.

There are no formal prerequisites for this course.

Please bring your own laptop.
You can use it to store what you see and learn directly on your environment and use it immediately for your daily work in the company. If you do not have a laptop, we can provide you with a computer. Please contact after registering for the course.



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