Online Marketing Crash Course – Everything you need to know («OCRASH»)

In this ideal online marketing introductory course, you will gain an overview of the techniques, strategies, functionalities and marketing possibilities of digital marketing on the basis of many practical examples.
Duration 1 day
Price 750.–   exkl. MWST
Course documents Digital Handouts

Course facts

  • Perfect entry into online marketing
  • Neutral, up-to-date overview of the possibilities on the Internet
  • Specific case studies and tips for your company or your planned online presence
  • Meaningful for you and your company (where you should go and what you can leave)
  • (Voluntary) analysis of your website, including specific optimization tips (eg search engine optimization, texts)
  • Proper classification, evaluation and successful use of online marketing tools
  • Why strategy is crucial - or how not to burn money
  • Many real-life case studies, ideas, inspiration, tools and tips that will help you in your day-to-day work
  • Website
    • The success factors of a modern website
    • 10 implementation points to check your company website for
    • We analyze your existing website for optimization potential
    • Why 80 percent of websites don't work - and how your website won't be part of that 80 percent in the future
  • Content Marketing
    • Many tips on video, audio, text and image content
  • Blog
    • Just a diary or a clever marketing tool?
    • After that you know if your company should blog
  • Newsletter
    • Efficient customer information tool
    • Metrics and terms
    • Content, design, mobile
    • Why you should not write off this tool and how to use it properly
  • Search Engine marketing
    • SEO and SEM – How to be found by potential customers
    • You will receive a checklist of what you can optimize
    • How you will be found on the internet
  • Brief overview
    • About Google Analytics
    • On online advertising (Google Ads, formerly Google Adwords, and Facebook ads)
  • Social media
  • From Facebook to TikTok. What makes sense for you? Learn to make justified decisions and develop strategies
    • New channels – same marketing?
    • You can evaluate which channels you can work with in the future and which ones could be ignored
  • Webinars
    • How to qualify customers via webinars – your lead generator
    • How to appear more effective in online meetings
  • Practical tips

This course is aimed at newcomers to online marketing. People from marketing with little or no online experience who want to get an overview of current and effective online marketing in the shortest possible time.

Interest in online marketing is required.



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