Digital Marketing for B2B («DMAB2B»)

Get to know the B2B peculiarities in Digital Marketing by means of concrete examples. Online awareness, service blog, lead dialogue, CRM automation, mobile marketing and 1:1 newsletter marketing are keywords in Digital B2B Marketing.
Duration 1 day
Price 850.–   exkl. MWST

Course facts

  • Insight into the B2B Customer Journey
  • Which instruments and tactics can be used where?
  • Concrete case studies from practice
  • Basic tools for your own B2B Digital Marketing Strategy

Particularly in the B2B sector, the purchasing decision process of new customers is a time-consuming and dialogue-intensive complex process. The digital channel plays a decisive role in the areas of awareness (attracting attention), interest (arousing interest) and consideration. Existing customers also have potential in after-sales and in customer loyalty with 1:1 personalisation and clever newsletter and Social Media Marketing. Many companies in the B2B sector are classically set up as sales organisations with telephone and trade fair acquisition and neglect the digital possibilities. This in turn offers innovative B2B companies the opportunity to draw attention to themselves.

Where do you effectively address which target group with what purpose and what content? In the course you will gain the most important insights into the online user behaviour of B2B decision-makers and discover trends, theses and success factors in the B2B environment for Online Marketing. You will get to know the context of SEO/SEA for awareness generation as well as E-mail Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Social Media and Content Marketing for interest, consideration and retention. Decision makers are often on the move a lot, so this course explicitly examines the special features of Mobile Marketing for B2B. 


  • Status Quo and General Trends in B2B Online Marketing
  • The Online Customer Journey and Use Cases for New Customers and Customer Loyalty
  • Opportunities and trends in Email Marketing for B2B
  • Potential and dangers of Social Media Marketing for B2B
  • Content Marketing for B2B: Positioning and Service 
  • Success factors for the online channel mix
  • Changes in Search Engine Marketing/SEA/SEO
  • The world is mobile: What role does this play for B2B companies?
  • Development of a Digital Marketing Strategy for B2B
  • Benchmarks and selected practical examples
  • Ways and methods of strategic planning
  • Controlling, measurement and evaluation

This course is targeted at Marketing Managers, Managing Directors, Digital/Online Marketing Managers

This seminar is targeted at people in companies who are responsible for the introduction and development of B2B Digital Marketing Strategies in the company.

Please bring your own laptop with you. 

You can use it to store what you have seen and learned directly in your environment and use it immediately for your daily work in the company. If you do not have a laptop, we can provide you with a computer. After registering for the course, please contact



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