VMware Security

All applications, clouds, and devices can be protected with the Threat Intelligence strategy. In this way, you can leave reactive security approaches in the past and optimise your application and data protection.
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VMware Carbon Black Cloud™ Endpoint Protection will allow for the new use of your existing resources, in order to support the collaboration of your security and IT teams. Provide your teams with the right context and information to help them better identify risks thereby and prevent, detect, and combat threats faster.

VMware’s strategy is to integrate security across the entire portfolio so that almost every product has built-in security features. The most important VMware security products are Carbon Black Cloud for the security of endpoints and workloads, NSX and VeloCloud for network security, Workspace ONE for the security of work environments, and VMware Secure State for the security of public clouds. We summarise and explain all these significant topics in our training courses.