Advanced workshop Oracle SQL («ODSQL1»)

In this workshop you will acquire a deepened knowledge of various Oracle database objects, which will be strengthened with many practical exercises. In addition, we will give you some Oracle highlights that stand out from the standard SQL.
Duration 3 days
Price 2'800.–

Course facts

  • Understanding and applying Oracle SQL specialties
  • Understanding and applying Oracle Flashback Query
  • Understanding and applying Data Dictionary View
  • Ability to create database objects
  • Introduction
    • Refresh Standard SQL-3
    • Introduction to the Oracle database architecture
    • Connect to an Oracle database 
    • User 
    • Privileges
    • Rolls
    • Tablespace
    • Read consistency
    • Data Dictionary views
    • Table Dual
  • Tools
    • SQL Developer
    • SQL PLUS
    • SQL CL
  • Queries
    • Handling NULL Values
    • Handling Date Formats
    • Concatenation Operator
    • Minus
    • Merge
    • Key Oracle Features
    • TOP vs Row Limiting
    • Using of FLASHBACK Query
  • DDL
    • Identity Columns
    • Virtual Columns
    • Constraints
    • Truncate
  • TCL
    •  Savepoint
  • Various 
    • External Tables

The participants receive theoretical knowledge, which is consolidated with many practical exercises.

This workshop is designed for (prospective) database administrators who want to get to know Oracle SQL in more depth and for developers who already know and use other databases.

You have SQL 3 standard knowledge to the extent of the following course:

Your benefit
  • Highly professional course instructor who has been working as an Oracle database engineer for over 10 years
  • Immediate added value in everyday work thanks to practical exercises
  • Helpful practical tips thanks to specially developed Digicomp course material
  • Optional desired topics can be included



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