Advanced Developing on AWS – JAM Day («AWSDJ2»)

Participants will build teams and engage in a friendly competition to solve a series of real-world challenges to elevate their AWS cloud skills. The goal is to transform theoretical skills from the preceding course into practical applied knowledge.
Duration 1 day
Price 900.–   exkl. MWST
Course documents Digital AWS JAM environment
Relevant Job Roles: Developer / DevOps

Course facts

  • Solve real-world challenges together as a team in a safe AWS environment, guided by your instructor
  • Compete against other teams to win the challenge with your colleagues and put your AWS skills into action
  • All challenges are based on the scope of the course and will support your learning curve in a very effective way

This AWS JAM Day builds on the topics covered in the official course Advanced Developing on AWS:

AWS JAM Day is a gamified event where you will be split into teams to compete in a series of best practice challenges based on concepts covered in the course.
On top of the hands-on labs of the ILT courses, an additional day of curated and instructor-facilitated challenges allows learners to use AWS Jam to address real-world scenarios, representing common operational and troubleshooting tasks relevant for your job role.

You will be able to apply your knowledge in a safe and real AWS environment and score points if you solve the challenge correctly. The aim of an AWS Jam is to develop, improve, and validate your skills in the AWS cloud and get ready to use your practical skills when you are back on your daily job.

We recommend that you book the Advanced Developing on AWS with JAM course where the JAM Day is already included in case you have not yet participanted in the course Advanced Developing on AWS.

Component of the following courses

This course is intended for the following job roles:

  • Developer
  • DevOps

Attendees of this JAM Day must have attended the following course (or have equivalent knowlege):



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