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Web Developer Professional Client Side - specialisation React («WEBDPF»)

In this course you will learn jQuery, Angular, JavaScript, TypeScript and React and become a front-end development professional.
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Duration 9 days
Price 6'000.–   exkl. MWST
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Course facts

  • Familiar with the architecture and key components of the jQuery library
  • Knowledge of the functions and possibilities that jQuery covers
  • Execution of jQuery DOM manipulations
  • Dynamic design of web applications via event handling
  • Integration of asynchronous data from Web services
  • Understanding the concepts and programming model of Angular
  • Setting up of an Angular project and realization of a single page application based on Angular
  • Knowledge of the different tooling options for a modern JavaScript Build
  • Development of high-performance and reactive single page apps with the React Framework

In four modules you will learn the best practices for the development of Rich Internet Applications with jQuery and to realize Single-Page-Applications based on Angular and React. At the end you will take an exam and receive the certificate «Web Developer Professional Client Side» after successful completion.

You can arrange the module dates according to your wishes for appointments during the week or part-time on evenings and every second Saturday.

  1. Course: Introduction to jQuery («IJQ»)
  2. Kurs: Applikationsentwicklung mit JavaScript (APPJS)
  3. Kurs: Front-End-Entwicklung mit Angular, JavaScript und TypeScript («ANGL»)
  4. Kurs: Frontend-Entwicklung mit React («FRONRE»)
  5. Examination workshop: Web Developer Professional Client Side (WEBDP1)
Webmaster, web developer, computer scientist and graduates of the course package «Web Developer Associate (WEBDA)». Successful completion of the following course package or successful passing of the assessment test.
At the end of the training, you will take the Digicomp exam «Web Developer Professional Client Side».



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