Introduction to Usability and User Experience (UX) («ERG»)

Whether user interfaces of applications are easy (intuitive) to use and optimally support work processes can be decisive for the success of software solutions. Let us inspire you.
Duration 2 days
Price 1'800.–
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Course facts

  • Overview of the topic of usability and user experience
  • Knowledge of the most important methods of user-centred design
  • Awareness that the subject of usability offers a lot of potential for development even after the course has ended.
  • Knowledge of approaches to the user-centred design of products
  • Knowledge of the most important terms and standards of usability
  • Knowledge of suitable methods for carrying out and evaluating usability tests
  • Knowing the golden rules (do's and don'ts)
  • Knowledge of how to use simple tools to develop a new or existing idea into a user-friendly design concept
  • Ability to implement usability tests to increase quality and reduce costs
  • Ability to anchor (institutionalise) the principles learned in one's own development processes

Whether your internal users or your external customers - they all expect ease of use and a first-class user experience (UX).

In the development of software solutions, a lot of energy is often put into the technical implementation of quality requirements (e.g. performance), clean software architecture (database concepts, business logic,...), etc..

It is not uncommon for the user to fall by the wayside and the applications become complicated to use, ugly in appearance or overloaded. It is well known that it is advantageous to integrate the users of a software solution into the development process at an early stage - but often only their needs in the area of business logic are effectively queried.

Last but not least, support departments will be grateful if a software is easy to use. Less support effort can even save direct costs!

User-centred design is not an exact science where you have to follow 10 points to build great software. There are too many aspects to cover in a two-day course. Our goal is to give you an overview of this topic and to sensitise you as a project participant to it. Get compliments from users because you have provided them with easy-to-use software. In this course you will get to know the basic terms and learn a lot about usability by means of a case study - unfortunately there are no patent remedies!

  • Why is usability an issue?
  • Usability/User Experience - What is it?
  • Economic significance: Return on Investment
  • User = human being
    • Seeing
    • Perceiving
  • Processing
  • Usability principles
  • Usage-context analysis
  • Prototyping and design techniques
  • Methods for testing

The knowledge transfer is interactive and supported by videos, presentations, practical examples and group tasks.

This course is aimed at software architects, software developers, designers and project managers who are involved in the conception or realisation of user interfaces.

You have already dealt with the topic and asked yourself what you should pay attention to when designing a surface.

This course is about the basics and introduction to the topic of usability and UX using examples, exercises and tips. It is not a course on user interface design or screen design.



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