Create secure websites («SWO»)

Learn about the latest web application attacks and their methods from a hacker's perspective. This will help you minimize security vulnerabilities when building and maintaining web applications.
Duration 2 days
Price 2'100.–   exkl. MWST
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Course facts

  • Knowledge of various attacks on web applications (including the underlying databases and backends), which you will then execute yourself
  • Understanding the basics of secure software development
  • Dealing with various potential threat scenarios

Studies show that more than 90% of all web applications have serious security flaws, although effective countermeasures exist for most types of attacks. Vulnerabilities are mostly found in architecture and design, in application logic, in program code, in 3rd party libraries or in deployment and configuration.

Based on the OWASP Top 10, you will learn about the current attack methods on (web) applications and how effective protective measures should be taken

  • A01:2021-Broken Access Control
  • A02:2021-Cryptographic Failures
  • A03:2021-Injection
  • A04:2021-Insecure Design
  • A05:2021-Security Misconfiguration
  • A06:2021-Vulnerable and Outdated Components
  • A07:2021-Identification and Authentication Failures
  • A08:2021-Software and Data Integrity Failures
  • A09:2021-Security Logging and Monitoring Failures
  • A10:2021-Server-Side Request Forgery

Component of the following courses

This course is targeted at software developers and testers, webmasters, developers as well as publishers, system engineers and administrators, CISOs and IT security managers as well as Scrum Masters.

Basic knowledge in web application development, familiarity with web servers, fundamental knowledge of web technologies such as HTML and Javascript are required. Also desired is participation in the following courses or equivalent knowledge:

After the course you will have the basic knowledge to deal with the topic in depth. As a possible certification, the «Burp Suite Certified Practitioner» can be approached.



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