CISA – Certified Information Systems Auditor («CAM»)

The course covers information security and IT-revision. Especially, the topics that are relevant for the CISA* exam are looked at thoroughly and in detail.
Duration5 days
Course documentsPERSICON-course material, CISA* review manual from ISACA

Course facts

  1. The IT Audit Process 
    • Risk-based audit strategy
    • Audit objectives
    • Audit plan
    • Erhebung, analysis and evaluation of discoveries and evidence
    • Quality assurance of the test results, testing risk
    • Risk management and control methods
  2. IT Governance
    • Organization, structure, guidelines, standards and procedures of the IT compliance
    • IT investments
    • Contract management
    • IT risk management
    • Monitoring and assurance
  3. Systems & Infrastructure
    • Business Case Evaluation
    • Project management
    • Specification, development / acquisition, test, migration, maintenance and operation of applications and infrastructure
    • Post Implementation Review (PIR)
    • System resolution
  4. IT Service Management (IT Service Delivery and Support)
    • Service Level Management
    • Production plant
    • Capacity and power measurement
    • Data management
    • Configuration and change management
    • Release management
    • Problem and incident management
    • Functionalities
  5. Protection of Information Assets 
    • Access protection
    • Network Infrastructure
    • Physical security
    • Handling of confidential information values
  6. Business Continuity
    • Development, maintenance, publication and testing of emergency and continuity plans
    • Backup, Outsourcing, Restart ...

IT managers, security officers, IT operations officers, security consultants, consultants and project managers, as well as compliance officers. In short: All who are professionally concerned with the correctness of information systems and everyone who wants to prepare for the CISA * exam.

Participants wishing to achieve CISA certification must meet the following requirements:

  • Successful completion of the CISA exam
  • At least 5 years of experience in information security
  • Comply with ISACA's «Information Systems Auditing Standards»
  • Agree to the «Continuing Education Policy»

For more information about the requirements, visit

Note: There are different fees depending on when you sign up for the exam. Early bookers benefit from a price advantage! For more information, visit the ISACA website.

  • The Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA *) has been offered by the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) since 1978 and is recognized by professionals as a world-class benchmark in information systems audit, control and security
  • The leadership of the CISA* professional title demonstrates strong expertise and is the foundation upon which the entire IT audit profession is measured
  • The technical know-how and practical knowledge imparted by the Digicomp and PERSICON CISA* training program are the basic elements on which successful activity in this field is based on

*ISACA does not endorse, approve, or sponsor Digicomp Academy, its CISA course or any of its other products and/or services, nor is it affiliated with Digicomp Academy in any manner. CISA is a registered trademark of the Information Systems Audit and Control Association.



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