Microsoft Azure

Our practical Microsoft Azure training courses help you reach your goals faster and use your cloud environment to its fullest potential. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or a professional, we have the right training course for your learning needs.

Your individual learning part to get going

  • Would you like to learn foundational cloud computing concepts? Expand on your skills in order to efficiently develop and provide cloud solutions? Or use artificial intelligence in Azure? Discover the diverse learning and certification paths in Microsoft Azure now.
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Discover our flexible Microsoft learning program

Each person learns best in a different way. It should be the same for Microsoft Azure Training. That’s why Digicomp offers the right training services for every learning style. You decide when, where, and how you want to learn with our Microsoft learning program. 

For a sustainable learning experience and to attain the maximum flexibility and quality, we combine various Digicomp learning services, such as Learning Support before, during, and after your training course, flexible training formats, and a range of in-depth online learning materials.  

Make use of the Learning Support to ask our experts questions at any time.

From the 1 st day after booking to 30 days after completing the official Azure training course, our experts are at your disposal in our learning forum to answer your questions about the course content or to support you with problems in the labs.

Choose between intensive or flexible training formats.

Intensive training: All training days continuously with integrated Learning Support.

Flexible training: A maximum of 2 half-day sessions per week over max. 4 weeks with integrated Learning Support.

Benefit from a combination of online and in-class learning materials

  • Microsoft Learn: Online learning content is always available for the preparation and follow-up of the Azure training course and exam preparation.
  • Official Microsoft Azure Course Documents