Screen design & prototyping with Sketch («SKETCH»)

Sketch is one of the most popular apps for UX/UI design. Learn the complete workflow, from designing websites and apps, to creating interactive prototypes, to handing them off to the developer.
Duration 2 days
Price 1'300.–
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Course facts

  • Learning Sketch's powerful tools for an effective workflow
  • Creating your own screen layouts for websites and apps
  • Adapting the design for tablet and smartphone
  • Optimizing workflow through design system, styles, icons, and components
  • Creating your own interactive prototypes
  • Exporting and handing over seamlessly to the developer
  1. Sketch Functionality
    • Versatile application possibilities
    • Comparison with competing tools
    • Structuring a Sketch project
  2. Getting to know tools and workspace
    • Customization of tools 
    • Canvas, pages and artboards
    • Organizing layers
  3. Layout basics
    • Precise layouting
    • Using UI kits
    • Using layout grids
    • Responsive design
    • Automating content layout with data inserts
  4. Vector editing
    • Convenient vector editing
    • Create vector icons 
    • Reversible Boolean operations
  5. Image content
    • Import options
    • Scale, edit, optimize and replace
    • Modify image properties
  6. Optimize workflow
    • Transfer properties
    • Inserting styles, symbols and components
    • Apply overrides
    • Developing a design system
  7. Prototyping
    • Why Prototyping?
    • Create interactive prototypes
    • Test and share prototypes
  8. Export
    • Export screens
    • Export assets
    • Handover to developer (incl. CSS & SVG export)
  9. Plugins
    • Overview of interesting Sketch plugins

This course includes an informative, exemplary, hands-on teaching sequence including join-in and follow-along exercises.

This course is aimed at anyone who wants to build their competence in Sketch with the help of publishing experts. Both (lateral) beginners, junior designers and marketing managers with web affinity as well as (future) graphic, web and print designers are in the right place.

The course takes place on MacOS. Experience and a secure handling of MacOS is therefore required. Design experience is not a prerequisite. However, basic graphic design experience is helpful.

Info about the room equipment
Our Sketch courses take place on Apple devices. You can also bring your own Macbook.

Sketch Software
The Sketch Software will be fully available in the classrooms during the course. However, it is not possible to use the software via Digicomp licenses from home during the course.



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