Basics for social media platforms in companies («SMGK»)

Together, Social Media Presences (real or fictitious) for your company will be opened, configured and the first articles published.
Duration 1 day
Price 750.–
Course documents Digital handouts

Course facts

  • First overview of the possibilities of social media in the corporate context
  • Opening of accounts for your company on the most popular platforms
  • Publication of first text, picture and video contributions
  • Ideal preparation for the course Social Media Community Manager

This course covers the basics for setting up social media presences for companies. Private accounts are required, see 3h course Setup of Private Social Media presences. Likewise, this course does not deal with strategic and conceptual considerations, see Day Course Social Media for Marketing and Communication. For beginners, we recommend attending this 3 day Social Media Starter Kit for Business in the cheaper course package.

  • The essence of social media communication for companies
  • Examples of successful corporate presences
    • Learn about differences and basic functions
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Youtube/Instagram/Pinterest/Snapchat
    • LinkedIn
  • Conclusion: Presentation of the different presences

Classes are held in groups of a maximum of 16 people. Participants bring their laptops with them.

Participants have little or no knowledge of social media platforms. The practical course is aimed both at people who have had little or no contact with social media for companies and want to gain an initial overview, as well as at people in organisations who have so far tended to move passively towards social media.

Please bring your own laptop with you. 

You can use it to store what you have seen and learned directly in your environment and use it immediately for your daily work in the company. If you do not have a laptop, we can provide you with a computer. After registering for the course, please contact

Use the Diagnostic Tool of the Digital Marketing Institute to assess your knowledge of digital marketing.



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