Web Analytics with Google Analytics («WDM»)

In this course, you will learn the basics of sound web analysis. You analyze your visitors' behavior, optimize your strategic goals, and increase your marketing efficiency.
Duration 1 day
Price 850.–
Course documents Digital documents and companion book
Google Analytics Account A Google Analytics account is a prerequisite. Please create before course.

Course facts

  • Basic web analysis training with practical orientation
  • Tips and tricks for web analysis
  • Define the strategic objective for your website
  • Understand the ways visitors to your website and find targeted optimization opportunities
  • Understand the benefits, define campaign goals and make them measurable
  1. Web analytics and set goals
    • Web analytics as a basis for strategic decisions
    • Pros and cons Google Analytics
    • Define SMART business goals
    • KPIs and measurable metrics
    • Macro and micro conversions
  2. Settings Google Analytics
    • Different access rights: account, property, data view
    • Link to Google AdWords and webmaster tools
    • Set up filters and destinations
  3. Basics
    • Dimensions and readings
    • Use segments as filters
    • Audience overview: Who are my visitors?
    • Devices: Mobile, Desktop or Tablet?
  4. Visitor sources
    • Organic, Recommendation, Direct, CPC, Social: Compare Sources
    • Organic keywords: (not included)
    • Metrics: number of pageviews, unique visitors, browsing time, abandonment rates
  5. Understand visitor behavior
    • Content: find top pages
    • Exit pages: Where do visitors leave?
    • InPage analysis: visual presentation of clicks
  6. Conversions: goals and e-commerce
    • Goals and Ecommerce Tracking
    • Funnel Visualization
  7. Track campaigns
    • Link Newsletter: Example MailChimp
    • Custom campaign parameters
    • URL creation tool
  8. Find and fix errors
    • Check: Correct code integration
    • Google Analytics: «not provided» and «not set»
    • Different data through sampling
    • Missing parameter

The main focus of the seminar is on practical orientation: in the course we convey the necessary knowledge in theory blocks and real case studies and experience values.

This course is targeted at those responsible for (Online) Marketing and operators of their own website.

Your Google Analytics account is a prerequisite. Please create before the course, the Analytics account will not be set up in the course itself. You work in the course in your own account. Own website or company website for optimization are desired. Basic marketing skills are beneficial.

Please bring your own laptop.

You can use your laptop to store what you have seen and learned during the course and use it immediately for your daily work in the company. If you do not have a laptop, we can provide you with a computer. Please contact after registering for the course.

Use the Diagnostic Tool of the Digital Marketing Institute to assess your level of knowledge of Digital Marketing.



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