Measurement and optimization of Digital Marketing Performance («DIGMAN»)

Data-driven marketing, better KPIs, frameworks, conversion rate optimization supported by the best tools are the drivers to increase your return-on-investment in marketing. In this course, you will learn about concepts, tools, and examples.
Duration 2 days
Price 1'700.–
Course documents Course presentation as PDF, Live-Demo

Course facts

  • Deepen your understanding of Customer Journeys, Multi-Channel Marketing, and Attribution Modelling
  • Knowledge of which KPIs might be useful for you and your company
  • Knowing the basics of Conversion Rate Optimization 
  • Knowing the tips and tricks from working with large digital players such as Rocket Internet
  • Knowledge of the added value of Data-Driven tools
  • Knowledge of concrete case studies from practice

The availability of new digital channels and greater measurability require a shift in thinking and frameworks for data-oriented marketing from today's Marketing Managers.

Which channels are available to you and work best for your company? What does Digital Marketing success actually mean for your company and how do you measure it? How do you optimize your marketing channels and the conversion rate? What modern tools can help you? 

We consider the above core questions from both a strategic and an operational level and substantiate the concepts using examples from various industries and practical tips. 

  • Introduction
    • What is Performance Marketing? 
    • Performance Marketing Channels, Goals and Price Models 
  • Performance Marketing and Attribution Modeling ?
    • Customer Journey and Performance Channels
    • What is attribution modeling?
    • Case studies: Rocket Internet and Mister Spex 
  • KPIs, Web Analytics and Reporting 
    • Web metrics: Presentation and selection of suitable metrics 
    • Macro and Micro Conversions 
    • Key figures according to website goals
    • Funnel Visualization 
    • Key figures according to the «Lean Analytics» approach 
    • Branding and KPIs
  • Conversion Rate Optimization and Data-Driven Tools 
    • Fundamentals of Data-Driven Conversion Rate Optimization
    • Lean Start-up and A/B Testing 
    • Data-Driven Marketing Tools

This course is targeted at Marketing Managers, Managing Directors, and Digital/Online Marketing Managers.

Interest in Online/Digital Marketing. Experience in marketing in general as well as in Digital Marketing, in particular, is necessary. Solid web and PC user knowledge as well as a basic understanding of marketing concepts.

Please bring your own laptop with you.

You can use your laptop to store what you have seen and learned during the course and use it immediately for your daily work in the company. If you do not have a laptop, we can provide you with a computer. After registering for the course, please contact

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