Adobe Illustrator CC – Basic («ILLUM1»)

In this basic course you will learn the most important functions of Illustrator. You will get a practical quick start in vector graphics, know how files are structured and will be able to draw and output graphics in Illustrator independently.
Duration 2 days
Price 1'400.–
Course documents Digital courseware

Course facts

  • Understanding of the Adobe Illustrator CC work environment
  • Safe handling in the navigation of the interface
  • Mastering the basic concepts of vector graphics: Paths, pencil, pathfinder, objects/planes/properties, surfaces/contours, text
  • Building and controlling Illustrator files
  • Independent drawing and output of simple graphics in Adobe Illustrator CC
  • Making simple changes
  1. The organisation of work
    • Vector vs. Pixel
    • Manage files
    • Illustrator versions and compatibility
  2. The user interface
    • The menu structure
    • Manage workspaces
    • Using the control panels
    • The most important basic tools
    • Symbols of the interface
    • The properties control panel
    • Setting up documents and the interface for print and screen
  3. The first steps – Creating shapes
    • Forming tools
    • The different views
    • Grouping objects
    • Arrange objects
  4. Select and work accurately
    • Selection techniques
    • Working with the bounding box
    • Positioning aids
    • Use numerical inputs
    • Align objects
    • Assign colors: Surfaces and contours
    • Create guide lines
    • Overview of important default settings
  5. Get to know the document structure
    • Working with layers
    • Creating layers
    • Show and hide layers
    • Locking and unlocking layers
    • Laying objects on new layers
    • Layer arrangement
    • Object selection with layers
    • Properties of the template layer
  6. Place images
    • The image import
    • Linking and embedding
    • Crop images
  7. Draw vectors
    • Properties of the path tools
    • Draw simple shapes
    • Draw curved segments
    • Get to know point types
    • Select, move, convert anchor points
    • Working with grip lines
    • Move segments
    • Properties of contours
    • Draw simple illustrations
  8. Construct vector graphics
    • Methods of form building in Illustrator
    • Combining forms, punching, intersections
    • Joining paths
    • Shape creation tool and interactive painting
    • Clipping masks
    • Working in isolation mode
  9. Deform vector graphics
    • The form grid tool
    • Use predefined distortions
  10. Working with colours
    • Create your own colours
    • The different colour models
    • Composing colour harmonies
    • Create and edit gradients
  11. Text
    • Dealing with text
    • Basic settings of typography
    • Touch type text tool
    • Convert and edit text to paths
    • Create simple form text
  12. Edition
    • Print drawing areas
    • Save PDF
    • Checking documents
    • Sharing documents openly
    • Avoid problems with missing content
Frontal teaching, informative, exemplary and practice-oriented teaching sequence and hands-on and follow-up exercises

This basic course is aimed at anyone who wants to build their illustrator skills with the help of publishing experts. Both career changers, administrators and marketing managers as well as future graphic designers, illustrators, final artwork artists and image editors/layout designer who need illustrator skills are in the right place here.

You have good PC user skills (PC or Mac). Previous knowledge of Illustrator is not necessary.

Info about the room equipment
Our courses take place on Windows or Apple devices. On request, we will be happy to provide you with an Apple computer in Zurich and Bern. Please let us know in advance by sending an e-mail to You can also bring your own laptop.

Adobe CC Software
The Adobe Creative Cloud Software will be fully available in the classrooms during the course. However, it is not possible to use the software via Digicomp licenses from home during the course.



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