Machine Learning Basics («MLG»)

In this course you will acquire the basic knowledge of machine learning, its benefits, applications and limitations. You will also be taught how to implement simple machine learning approaches.
Duration 1 day
Price 850.–
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Course facts

  • Basic knowledge of Machine Learning, its benefits, applications and limitations
  • Understanding, assessing and evaluating the use of Machine Learning in projects
  • Implementation of simple Machine-Learning-Approaches
Machine learning is when you do not program a computer directly, but when this machine learns certain skills. A machine learning system learns from examples and can generalise these after the learning phase has ended.
  • Introduction to Machine Learning (ML)
  • Data sources for ML
  • Preparation of data for ML
  • Supervised Learning
  • Feature Selection
  • Model Validation
  • Neural Networks and Deep Learning
  • Implementation of ML in own projects
This course is targeted at Software Developers and Software Architects as well as Analysts, Project Managers and Decision Makers. Minimum requirements are knowledge of a higher programming language.