Professional Agile Leadership™ Essentials («AFM»)

In the digital age, a company must evolve like a living organism in order to meet the challenge of constant change. The course provides essential knowledge to enable agile transformation.
Duration 2 days
Price 2'600.–
Course documents Original course documentation (English in digital form) & course script (German)

Course facts

  • An overview of what «agile» means and why it benefits companies in a fast-moving world
  • An understanding of what business agility means
  • Knowledge of the methods and techniques for the daily handling of teams in an agile environment
  • Understanding of how agile teams work
  • Know-how to lead self-organized teams to strategic goals, how to control risk, and how to do this without falling back on old control patterns
  • Knowledge of agile methods at the company level
  1. What are the characteristics of agile teams?
    • Self-organization
    • Measure your own productivity
    • Conflict ability
    • Dealing with errors
  2. The role of the leader in an agile environment
    • The leader and manager as coach
    • Empathic communication and trust
    • Personal development of employees
    • Challenge and encourage
    • Finding consensus with negotiating competence
  3. The agile toolbox
    • Planning and risk control with sprints
    • Using review and retrospectives
    • Agile information radars
    • The role of Scrum master and product owner
    • Comparison of agile frameworks (Scrum, Kanban, XP, Lean Startup)
  4. Product and project visions: leading from the goal
    • Agree on strategic goals with ongoing tasks
    • Sprint and release goals
    • Many teams with a common goal
    • Turn visions into a product backlog
  5. Scaling with many agile teams
    • Scaling methods in comparison (Nexus, Less, SaFe)
    • Interfaces and dependencies between teams
    • Growth of agile projects
  6. Agile methods at the company level
    • Scrum Studio
    • Holacracy
    • Scrum@Scale
Theoretical basics in the form of impulse lectures, practical exercises (group and partner work) to deepen what has been learned, discussions / transfer possibilities for practice. This course is designed for development team leaders, chief experience officers, project managers, team leaders, department managers and IT managers. Experiences with Scrum. 2 - 3 years experience as part of a Scrum team is an advantage. Alternatively, we recommend that you attend at least one of the two courses in advance
After successful participation, you will receive a free attempt at the «Professional Agile Leadership» certificate (PAL I). It is a multiple-choice online test (in English) that lasts 60 minutes. With a result of at least 85%, you will get the certificate. The price is included in the course. You can take the exam at any time and from any location.

Since this Scrum training is an official Professional Agile Leadership Training and lives the principle of fast feedback cycles as well as «Inspect and Adapt», all participants of an official training have the following opportunity:

Should you as a participant complete the Scrum Certification Assessment within 14 days after the end of the seminar and reach less than 85% (i.e. have not passed the exam), you will be given the opportunity to complete the exam again free of charge.



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