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Oracle University und Digicomp präsentieren:
Tom Kyte in Switzerland

21. und 22. September 2006
Nach dem erfolgreichen Seminar im Dezember 2005 freuen wir uns, dass wir auch dieses Jahr im Herbst ein 2-tägiges Seminar mit Tom Kyte anbieten können.

Nutzen Sie Ihre Chance ! Treffen Sie Tom Kyte – DIE Oracle Datenbank Legende!

  • Things you «know»
    Abstract: Many developers and DBAs (not all, but many) approach the database with little or no understanding of how it actually works. Developers approach Oracle assuming it must work just like SQL Server or even worse with the frame of mind that says, «It doesn't matter how it works, I'm using a layer of abstraction to protect me.» DBAs approach the server sometimes with a cursory knowledge of how things work, leading them to do things like, «We can skip backing up undo data-it isn't our stuff, we don't need it» or erasing archives because they ran out of space.

    This presentation will present some of these foibles and explain how not understanding how the database actually works will lead to disaster. Some examples of things you just might not know about yourself will be explored. Oracle is big and it is a moving target. Understanding it is an ongoing process that we need to continually do.

  • Advanced analytic functions
    Analytic functions are the coolest thing to happen to the SQL language since the introduction of the keyword SELECT. This session explores the use cases for analytic functions, demonstrates how and where you should use them, and explains the (nontrivial) syntax behind them.

  • Efficient schema design
    Based entirely on chapter 7 of Tom's book «Effective Oracle by Design», this session takes you through the fundamentals of physical schema design. It demonstrates the various structures (hash clusters, B*-tree clusters, index-organized tables, ...) and tells when and where you want to use them. The session closes with indexing and compression techniques.

  • PL/SQL or Java?
    Is one language «better» than the other? Or maybe there is room for both? This session explores when you might want to use one over the other

  • SQL Techniques
    The presenter will describe common SQL techniques he has encountered and utilizes day to day to tune query performance. Features such as scalar subqueries, using rownum (yes, to 'tune'), analytics, some hints and more will be demonstrated. Emphasis will be on when they work (where the 'trick' applies) as well as when they don't workwhere they do not apply. Care will be taken to show these not as a "top 10 things to do" but rather techniques to keep in mind when looking at problems in general.

  • Building test cases
    When you say «it doesn't work», or «it isn't working right», you will need to build a small, concise, yet 100% complete test case that demonstrates the issue at hand (and removes all of the irrelevant bits). This session walks through how Tom Kyte builds his own test cases -- and how he many times finds his own mistakes in the development of them (such as: it wasn't a database bug in the first place!) - or, even if it turns out to be a problem in the database, how the development of the test case often leads to finding a workable «workaround».

  • Oracle 10/g/: Bits and bytes
    This session covers some Oracle 10/g/ features that are really «cool» but not played up in the Oracle marketing messages. Mundane features that make our day to day lives that much nicer. Presented as a top 10 for 10g Release 1 and top ten for 10g Release 2

  • Versioning of data
    A common requirement today is to maintain a /complete/ history of data: /every/ change made to a row over time, for /all/ rows in a table or set of tables. This session explores the methods available to do this, from «do it yourself» versioning (via triggers/application code) to letting the database do it for you with workspace management. Key focuses of this session are time to develop, performance, and implementation
  About the Presenter
Tom Kyte is the vice president of the Core Technologies Group at Oracle Corporation and has been with the company since version 7.0.9 was released in 1993. Kyte, however, has been working with Oracle since version 5.1.5c.

At Oracle, Kyte works with the Oracle database, and more specifically, he helps clients who are using the Oracle database, and works directly with them specifying and building their systems or rebuilding and tuning them. Prior to working at Oracle, Kyte was a systems integrator who built large-scale, heterogeneous databases and applications for military and government clients.

Kyte is the Tom behind the «Ask Tom» site and the Ask Tom column that appears in Oracle Magazine, where he answers questions about the Oracle database and tools that developers and DBAs struggle with every day. Kyte is also the author of Expert One on One Oracle (Wrox Press, 2001/Apress 2004), Beginning Oracle Programming (Wrox press, 2002/Apress 2004), Effective Oracle by Design (Oracle Press, 2003) and Expert Oracle Database Architecture (Apress 2005). These are books about the general use of the database and how to develop successful Oracle applications

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Room Reservation
For Room Reservations (21.&22.09.06. ) please contact zuerich@digicomp.ch


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